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At Bankers Life, our goal is to provide excellent service to every policyholder. You can count on us to make your life easier when it comes to your claims. Whether you want 24/7 access to online account management or need to talk live with a friendly customer service professional, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy easy, convenient access

You can use My.BankersLife.com to:

  • View and manage policies
  • Access, download and print forms
  • Upload short-term, long-term and home health care claim documents
  • Review benefits and policy values
  • Make payments

Claim form requests

Getting started is easy. To download a form, select your state and policy type or form needed from the dropdown boxes. Complete the form and mail it along with the necessary supporting documentation to the address listed. We'll take care of the rest!

Independent caregiver forms

Independent caregiver packet

In this convenient packet, you’ll receive these forms: proof of payment requirements, release of liability, caregiver biographical and qualifications information, and an itemized billing statement and daily visit notes. These forms are used with all private-hire independent caregivers for policies underwritten by Bankers Life and Casualty Company.


Itemized billing statement and daily visit notes form

Use this form with all private-hire independent caregivers for policies underwritten by Bankers Life and Casualty Company.


Frequently asked questions

What types of payment methods does Bankers Life offer?

Direct billing - We send premium notices to you at the address you specify. Only one address is allowed on the policy.

The Premium Payment Service Plan – We make monthly charges to your bank account on the day specified by the customer. Draft days available are the 1st through 28th of each month. To download the Premium Payment Service Plan, please visit our service & support page.

Government allotment - This method is available to those who are or have served in the military and are receiving pay from the government. If you are eligible for this type of payment, you must first contact your allotment officer.

Payroll deduction - This method is available when your policy is issued under your employer's sponsorship, and the employer deducts the premiums from your pay and sends them to us.

When do I need to pay my premium?

Premium payments should be received on the due date stated on your premium notice and no later than the end of the grace period. Different policies have different grace periods. Your grace period is shown in your policy. When we don't receive a payment by the end of the grace period, the policy lapses. If you are unsure as to the date your policy is paid to, and you have a life or health insurance policy, you can call the toll-free number to find out the due date. For all other plans, you can call the local office or write us.

Can I have my premium automatically withdrawn from my bank account?

Yes, this method of payment is called the Premium Payment Service Plan, and you can use either a checking or savings account. You need to fill in a form and return it with a payment great enough to cover your premiums up to and including the current month. This will give us time to set up arrangements with your bank and allow us to make a charge starting in the following month on the day you specify. You'll also need your bank's transit/routing number, which is located on a check or encoded deposit ticket. If you're not sure how to find this number, please check with your bank. You may obtain the form by our visiting our service and support page.

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