Pre-retired couple enjoying the rewards of universal life insurance

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Universal life insurance—a great solution for pre-retirees

Many say “50 is the new 30,” but we disagree. You see, while 30-somethings are dealing with dirty diapers and contending for job promotions, 50-somethings are enjoying the rewards of decades of hard work.

In fact, according to a survey by TODAY, people are more satisfied and less stressed in their 50s, and more than 68% say they are more confident in their 50s than in previous decades.

Speaking of confidence, one way to gain even more confidence in your 50s is to make universal life insurance a part of your financial strategy as you near retirement.

Watch 53-year-old Dilla Joseph’s story to see why she chose Bankers Life universal life insurance, and then read on below to learn how a policy may be able to boost your confidence as you near retirement.

Dilla Joseph shares her story about the benefits of having the Universal Life insurance with the Accelerated Benefit Rider.


Bankers Life universal life insurance—a great solution for pre-retirees

Universal life insurance provides lifelong, permanent protection. Bankers Life offers two universal life insurance products: TurningPoint Fixed Indexed Universal Life ® and ClearVantage Indexed Universal Life®. Universal life insurance offers:

  • Long-term, permanent life insurance

    Allows you to keep your policy for life.

  • Cash value accumulation

    Access your policy’s cash value through loans and withdraws and use to supplement retirement income.

  • Income-tax-free inheritance

    Help your beneficiaries avoid the delays and expense of probate, in most cases.

Accelerated Benefit rider—living benefits

TurningPoint FIUL and ClearVantage IUL both offer the optional Accelerated Benefit Rider. This rider gives you the option to accelerate your death benefit if you’re certified by a licensed health care practitioner as having a permanent chronic illness like cancer or heart disease.1

While not a long-term care policy, and not intended to replace traditional long-term care coverage2, this rider can help when you need it most. Benefits are paid directly to you, not a doctor or other provider so you can use them however you choose.

Here are some ways to use benefits:

  • To help pay for in-home care
  • To help cover hospital or nursing home costs
  • To help cover lost wages for you or a caregiver
  • To help upgrade your home or vehicle to make it more accessible

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1Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement, Paying for the New Retirement: Responsibilities and Challenges for Middle-income Boomers, July 2016.

1TODAY, This is 50: You won’t believe how many things get better, October 14, 2016.
2Benefits are accelerated death benefits, which reduce the life insurance policy’s death benefit and other values when paid.

3The Accelerated Benefit Rider may not cover all costs associated with the insured’s chronic illness, as benefits are limited to a percentage of the life insurance policy’s death benefit.

Nothing contained in this blog post is intended as a solicitation of insurance in any jurisdiction. Its purpose is the promotion of interest in Bankers Life and life insurance.  Life insurance is underwritten by Bankers Life and Casualty Company, home office Chicago, IL.

The Accelerated Benefit Rider refers to the Living Benefit Chronic Illness Accelerated Death Benefit Rider, which enables the policy owner to have access to a portion of the life insurance policy’s death benefit during the life of the insured if the insured is certified to be permanently chronically ill.

Insurance products have limitations and exclusions. The specific terms, conditions, and limitations will be found in the insurance product(s) approved by state insurance department(s), which shall govern. For costs and complete details of coverage, contact your Bankers Life insurance agent.

Insurance products and benefits are subject to underwriting, state availability and may vary. Some benefits have an additional cost. 

This is an insurance advertisement for information and educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation. It is a sales and marketing piece for insurance products offered by Bankers Life and Casualty Company.

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Indexed Universal Life Insurance L-19E

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