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Can You Submit a Claim on Behalf of the Insured?

Supplemental health insurance and life insurance can protect you from devastating financial blows, but working through the logistics can raise some questions.

Perhaps you are trying to ease the burden by assisting your loved one with the logistics of care, or it could be that they are unable to submit the claim on their own. It brings many people to ask the question, “Can you submit a claim on behalf of someone else?”

Let’s explore insurance claim procedures and the requirements needed to execute the process.

How an Insurance Claim Process Works

An insurance claim is a request by a policyholder to an insurance company requiring coverage for a particular event. These claims are typically made in the event of a medical incident or loss of life.

Once the claim is submitted, the insurance provider will review and process the request and then execute the previously agreed-upon course of action. Depending on whether the claim is made for a life insurance policy or supplemental health policy will determine what information is required for the claim to be submitted.

Life Insurance Claims

Life insurance claims work a little bit differently than a typical health claim and may take some time to process. It is important to take action fairly quickly to get the process started as soon as you can. When making a life insurance claim, a few items are required. Typically, these claims will require these essential elements:

In many cases, those listed on the policy as beneficiaries or executors are able to complete the claim process. In certain scenarios, a third party may be able to file claims on behalf of the insured individual. Here are the steps:

  • Contact the Insurance Company
  • Gather Documentation
  • Process

This claims process can take up to 60 days to complete in a typical situation allowing for funds to come through to cover burial expenses or replace income. Sometimes the process can take a bit longer depending on how their affairs are structured.

Supplemental Health Insurance Claims

In a situation where a supplemental health insurance policy could be used, it is possible to submit a claim for the insured if certain requirements are checked. There may be a requirement for a representative to be authorized to submit a claim on behalf of the insured. If an authorized representative is filing the claim, there may be additional steps to confirm the representative has permission to act on your behalf. When going through this process you can expect to submit a claim form, provide documentation and then wait for the claim to process.

If possible, it is wise to indicate an alternative authorized representative proactively to manage your policy in the event you are not able to.

More Information

For further questions surrounding insurance claims, review our FAQ page or reach out and chat with an agent today!

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