Meet the Elwards: Bankers Life Securities, Inc. Customers

What is your dream for retirement?

Maybe you have visions of RVing around the country exploring America’s national parks. Maybe you want to spend your time volunteering for a cause that you hold dear. Perhaps your retirement goal is to help your adult kids by babysitting for your grandchildren. Or maybe, your dream is to retire in Ecuador, like Bankers Life Securities customers, John and Sherry Elward of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Did the Elwards’ Ecuadorian retirement goal grab your attention? It sure grabbed ours. From exploring the prolific wildlife of the Galapagos Islands to hiking the Andes mountains and sunbathing on pristine beaches, Ecuador is certainly a dreamy retirement destination. And we’re proud to say that Bankers Life Securities is helping make their dream a reality.

Meet the Elwards

The Elwards own a plumbing franchise and have spent the past 17 years helping other people every day. After hosting an exchange student from Ecuador and becoming close with the exchange student’s family, the Elwards became determined to purchase property in Ecuador and enjoy their retirement years there.

The Elwards began working with Bankers Life Securities three years ago after they became discouraged with previous financial representatives. The Elwards’ first meeting with their Financial Representative was at 8 p.m. across their kitchen table. The Elwards and their Financial Representative carefully went through all of their financial planning, as well as what their future plans were. Their Financial Representative learned about each of their goals and concerns (growth opportunities for Sherry and asset protection for John), before giving them a range of investment options. The Elwards ultimately chose a ROTH IRA investment with Bankers Life Securities, which will help them with income replacement when they eventually retire in Ecuador.

Advance planning for retirement has put the Elwards on the right road toward retirement and has given them a sense of security.

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Is Bankers Life Securities right for you?

Does the Elwards’ story have you curious about how a Bankers Life Securities Financial Representative can help you achieve your own retirement goals? Here are a few things to keep in mind, plus some of our guarantees for you.

  1. Investing on your own can feel overwhelming.

    When it comes to your retirement, there are so many important decisions to be made. Selecting and analyzing investment options on your own is a daunting task, so rather than going it alone, turn to a Bankers Life Securities Financial Representative to help you chart your course and reach your destination. Your Financial Representative will meet with you across your kitchen table, in our office or over the phone—wherever is most convenient for you. Your representative will take the time to get to know and understand your personal and financial goals and help you explore your options and guide you through challenges.

  2. We offer a full-service experience.

    Whether you have a high net worth—or you’re just getting started—we work with everyone and understand that your investment needs may not fit neatly into a pre-determined category. Our approach revolves around identifying your unique goals—whether it’s retirement, buying a new home or saving for your grandchild’s education—and creating personalized solutions that are engineered to provide potential long-term investment success. Our investment management solutions include:

    • Mutual funds

      These products help you achieve a more diversified portfolio with fewer individual investments.

    • Variable annuities

      This longer-term investment features exposure to stock market fluctuations and tax-deferred earnings.

    • 529 plans

      These plans allow for the prepayment of qualified higher education expenses at eligible institutions. Withdrawn funds for eligible uses are not subject to Federal income taxes.

    • Equities

      Traded on exchanges such as NASDAQ, equities allow you to own shares or stock in individual companies.

    • Bonds

      A bond is a loan made to a specific issuer with a stated interest rate, scheduled interest payments and a maturity date for repayment of the principal amount.

    • Exchange traded funds

      This is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds or a basket of assets like an index fund. Unlike mutual funds, an EFT trades like a common stock on a stock exchange.

  3. Our Financial Representatives are experienced and knowledgeable investment professionals.

    When it comes to making decisions as important as planning for retirement, you need support from someone you can trust. When you work with a Bankers Life Securities Financial Representative, you’ll have an experienced and knowledgeable financial professional on your side who can guide you through the ever-changing investment world.

  4. Our approach is an ongoing, step-by-step investment process.

    Your Financial Representative is your long-term partner as you work to achieve your goals. Your representative will keep track of your portfolio’s performance, keep you informed and make recommendations that are in your best interest. Our personalized approach is built to provide you with potential long-term investment success!

Work with a Bankers Life Securities, Inc. Financial Representative to gain confidence

Did you know that working with a financial professional can boost your financial confidence? It’s true! According to a report by the Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement, Baby Boomers who work with a financial professional are more confident in their ability to meet daily financial obligations, make smart investment decisions and have a personally satisfying retirement than Boomers who don’t receive professional guidance of any kind. The report shares that half (48%) of middle-income Boomers who work with a financial professional are very or mostly confident in their ability to make smart investment decisions, compared to just one-third (33%) of those who do not work with a financial professional.1

Are you ready to gain financial confidence and take control of your financial future with a strategy that’s tailored to your needs and goals? A Bankers Life Securities, Inc. Financial Representative is ready to help! Learn more here, or call (844) 553-9083 to arrange a free portfolio review.


1Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement, 10 Years After the Crisis: Middle-Income Boomers Rebounding But Not Recovered, February 2017.

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