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How to Travel in Retirement: 2023 Edition

Travelers are making vacations a priority this year, especially retirees. There are many elements to consider when planning a trip. We have gathered a few must-see destinations as well as tips and tricks to seamless travel in retirement this season.

2023 Destination Ideas

The Grand Canyon

Due to its unforgettable views and winding hiking trails, The Grand Canyon was listed an one of the top places to go in 2023. Truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the wilderness with this destination. If you haven’t seen this national landmark already, add it to your list of places to see this year. Consider visiting in the spring for milder temperatures and smaller crowds.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a classic beach location that is sure to please. With its warm weather and long, stretching beaches, you can’t go wrong soaking in the sun, enjoying restaurants, golfing and more. Conducive to retirement living, Myrtle Beach is known for some of the top senior-friendly tours and attractions.

A Tropical Cruise

Cruises are making a comeback in 2023. Whether you have a destination in mind or are interested in experiencing relaxation on the water, consider choosing a cruise for your next vacation. Start with some research and then choose a top-awarded cruise to your vacation plans.

Now that your inner travel agent has started planning your next getaway, take a peek at even more of the best places to travel in retirement here.

Retirement Travel Tips

Track Flight Prices with Alerts

One way to get the best deal on flights is to track your options as prices fluctuate. Google offers a flight tracking functionality that allows you to keep tabs on flights to a particular location and monitor for the best deal. Simply choose your destination and go.

Explore Close to Home

Taking a vacation doesn’t mean you have to go across the country. Sometimes traveling in retirement means getting creative. Take a look at cities within a few hours of your location and discover a whole new world close to home. Explore the local culture and you may be surprised at what you may find.

Traveling within a close proximity can mean lower travel costs altogether. Staying close also provides access to your primary care provider in case of a health flair ups. Being close to your health network can actually take a little stress and pressure off of traveling, leaving extra room for relaxation and enjoyment.

Use Perks for Seniors

Traveling in your retirement years just may come along with a few extra perks. Everything from hotel, flight, and car rental costs can come with a discount depending on your age and where you plan to book. For example, Delta and United Airlines both offer discounted rates to seniors. Simply call to ask for the best rate.

Another big way to save on retirement travel is through an AARP membership. AARP members are offered travel deals on hotels, flights and even cruises. They offer promotions like 10% Off your stay at the Hilton or up to 30% Off Budget car rental services. The AARP membership can come along with some great travel deals and is a great tool to use as you travel in retirement.

Happy Travels!

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