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6 Reasons Retirees Should Explore Their Local Library

One important aspect of retirement planning is preparing for the transition from the structure of working to a life with plenty of free time. Many retirees struggle with feelings of boredom, loss of purpose and loneliness—and many are also on a fixed income and unable to spend too much money on extracurricular activities and entertainment. Fortunately, public libraries offer retirees many free resources that help support a meaningful and fulfilling retirement. Let’s explore six reasons retirees should check out their local library!

1. Free Access to Books, Movies & More

Many seniors live on a fixed retirement income and can’t afford to spend much money on entertainment. However, libraries provide people free access to books, movies, music, technology and more.  Some libraries also offer digital content that can be accessed remotely, perfect for homebound retirees.

2. Accessibility

Not only do libraries usually offer handicap accessible parking, ramps, elevators, restrooms, tables and desks, but most also provide materials in large print for people with low vision. In addition, many libraries have electronic magnifiers, auditory accessories and other assistive technology, as well as staff who are trained to provide services for users with disabilities.

3. Events & Educational Opportunities

Many libraries host events and educational opportunities for their communities. From book clubs, lectures, and trivia nights to concerts, genealogy groups, and quilting clubs, there are many opportunities for seniors to learn something new or pursue their hobbies through library programming.

4. Safe Social Space

For retirees who struggle with feelings of isolation and loneliness, libraries provide a safe space to socialize. Seniors may grab coffee and meet up with friends at the library for a weekly bond over books, while others could utilize library events to meet other retirees and make new friends.

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5. Exercise

The library might not seem like a place to break a sweat, but many libraries have added fitness programs to their resources. Yoga classes, self-defense classes, low impact barre, and light weight training are examples of free or low-cost fitness programs offered at libraries. In addition, most libraries have DVDs and fitness kits that people can check out for at-home workouts. Or some retirees may enjoy checking out music or audiobooks from the library’s digital resources for entertainment during walks and other exercise.

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6. Financial Literacy

Many libraries provide financial literacy programming on topics like budgeting, retirement planning, debt management, couponing, scam protection and more. Financial literacy programming could include workshops, open forums, exhibits or free materials.

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