Senior receiving long term care benefits in assisted living facility

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Why assisted long-term care has become a big concern today

Retirement looks vastly different today than it did for older generations—especially when it comes to assisted care. Here are three ways assisted long-term care has become a bigger concern for today’s retirees.

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1. Many people believe Medicare will pay

The Medicare benefits your parents and grandparents received is much more generous than what current and future retirees can expect.

For example, here are the 2017 Medicare Part A costs you pay for services at a skilled nursing facility: no charge for the first 20 days, $164.50 per day for 21–100 days and all costs after 101 days.1

2. Family transformation

Many people plan on receiving care from family like their grandparents did, but with two-income households, busier lifestyles and longer distances between family units, it’s more difficult than ever for the modern family to carve out time and resources to care for an elderly family member.

3. People are living longer

Do you think it’s possible that you could live a long life? With more effective medications, surgeries and medical equipment, Americans are living longer than ever, with retirement often lasting 35+ years. If you live a long life, it’s possible—and perhaps probable—that you could become frail and need care for months or even years.

With long-term care becoming a bigger concern, a growing number of retirees are turning to long-term care insurance to protect their futures. Coverage for nursing home care, home health care or both helps you protect your life’s savings and maintain control of where you will receive care. Ready to learn more? Contact us today!



1Healthline, What Medicare Does and Does Not Cover, January 10, 2017.
Assisted care coverage refers to insurance with benefits for assisted care, such as Long Term Care insurance.

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