How To Protect Your Finances

After a long winter, spring has arrived! There’s no better time to regroup, re-prioritize and start fresh—especially when it comes to making lifestyle and financial changes.

Take a step to protect the environment!

With Arbor Day approaching on April 24, 2020, now’s a great time to consider ways you can do your part to protect the environment. Even small lifestyle changes can make a big difference.

  1. Plant a tree—Arbor Day is all about planting trees, so find a type of tree that grows well in your area to plant. Trees help clean our air and water and reduce the effects of climate change, among many other benefits
  2. Start recycling—If you don’t already recycle, now’s a great time to start. Many everyday items can be recycled, like glass bottles, aluminum cans and plastics with recyclable symbols.
  3. Buy local—Whenever you can, try to buy local groceries and items. Not only does this reduce the amount of greenhouse gas created getting products to your home, but it’s great for your local economy.
  4. Look for ENERGY STAR®—When buying new appliances and products, look for ones that feature the ENERGY STAR®, which are proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and your energy bills!¹

Take a step to protect your finances!

Now’s also the perfect time to take steps to protect your finances through financial planning.

  1. Talk to a trusted advisor—Our Bankers Life Securities financial advisors are ready to meet with you to help you achieve your goals.
  2. Protect your savings—Consider long-term care insurance and life insurance to help protect your savings.
  3. Consider an annuity—An annuity can help you accumulate money for retirement or turn retirement savings into an income stream.
  4. Get Medicare supplemental insurance—Medicare likely won’t cover all your medical expenses during retirement, but Medicare supplemental insurance can help with out-of-pocket costs.

1Source: ENERGY STAR, About ENERGY STAR,, accessed April 5, 2015.

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