Financial professionals boost Boomer confidence

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Although economists say the U.S. has recovered from the financial crisis that began to unfold 10 years ago, middle-income Baby Boomers are still changing their investment strategies as a ...

How Boomers have reacted to the Great Recession

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During the recent presidential cycle, the current state of the U.S. economy was a hot issue, especially for middle-income Boomers who were overwhelmed by the financial crisis and recession ...

5 reasons to become a Bankers Life insurance agent

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Are you looking for a career that will allow you to fulfill your potential? Consider becoming a Bankers Life insurance agent! Here are five reasons to work with Bankers ...

End-of-life important documents checklist

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After someone passes away, family members must locate all of the decedent’s important documents. His or her will, marriage certificate, important contracts, Social Security card and more are essential ...

5 ways to ensure a more secure retirement

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We’re in the age of the “new retirement”—where employers are no longer providing pensions and Baby Boomers are on their own when it comes to financing their golden years. However, ...