46 things to do after a loved one passes away

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For most people, losing a loved one is a distressing event with lasting effects. As you’re grieving, you may experience disbelief, shock and anger all in the same day. And ...

How to deal with the costs of critical illness

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When facing a critical illness—such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or Alzheimer’s disease—it’s important to focus all your energy on getting better. But that can be difficult to do when ...

Paying for the rising cost of funerals

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You’ve spent your life planning for important events and milestones: your wedding, your first home, your children’s education, your retirement. In the midst of all this preparing, have you also ...

How to face the risk of critical illness

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When people are faced with the possibility of critical illness, they often say, “It can’t happen to me.” This kind of denial about one’s health is common. According to the ...

How to cover your final expenses

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When you hear the term “final expenses,” what do you think of? Many people automatically think about funeral costs, but it’s much more than that. There are other costs that may ...

How to become more financially savvy

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Do you consider yourself to be financially savvy? If your answer is “no,” you’re not alone. A study by the FINRA Investment Education Foundation found that nearly two-thirds of ...

Why and how to avoid probate

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You’ve probably heard that it’s wise to avoid probate—but do you really understand why? Probate is an often-overlooked part of retirement planning, but it’s important to be aware of how ...

What is the power of living benefits?

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People typically buy life insurance because they want to make sure their loved ones are financially secure after they’re gone, so you may be surprised to hear that life ...