30 Gift Ideas for the Seniors in Your Life

December 5, 2018  |  Share:

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday season, or for no occasion at all, it can be tough to find the right gift for a senior citizen. Seniors have lived long, full lives, and they probably have just about everything they need. Here are some suggestions of what to give a senior in your life to brighten their day! Inexpensive If ...

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3 Reasons to Get Supplemental Health Insurance

November 28  |  Share:

You think you have everything planned out for your future, but you can’t plan for the unexpected. What happens if you get into an accident or develop a serious ...

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How Do Annuities Differ from Life Insurance?

November 21  |  Share:

You're interested in planning for your retirement, but you aren’t sure how to invest your money now into your retirement. It can be hard to decide where to put ...

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5 milestones that call for a life insurance check

September 18  |  Share:

When celebratory milestone moments happen, who do you call first? Maybe your partner, your mom, your brother, your best friend, your favorite aunt or your insurance agent? Okay, so maybe ...

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4 surprising people who need life insurance

September 13  |  Share:

In celebration of Life Insurance Awareness Month, how about a pop quiz? It’s only one question: Who needs life insurance? If your answer is “almost everyone,” you’re correct! If your answer looks ...

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