5 ways to ensure a more secure retirement

March 2, 2017  |  Share:

We’re in the age of the “new retirement”—where employers are no longer providing pensions and Baby Boomers are on their own when it comes to financing their golden years. However, many Baby Boomers aren’t prepared for retirement. 90% of Boomers don’t have a written retirement plan, and 70% admit they don’t have, or don’t know if they have, the ...

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6 points to consider when designating life insurance beneficiaries

February 22  |  Share:

Naming the beneficiary of a life insurance policy may seem easy, but common mistakes and pitfalls can occur. One mistake in naming the beneficiary could be heartbreaking and costly. ...

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5 basic probate steps

February 20  |  Share:

Probate is the legal process of taking an inventory of a deceased’s estate, fulfilling obligations to creditors or claimants, and distributing remaining assets to the deceased’s beneficiaries. Probate can ...

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The Bankers Life agent-customer relationship

December 19  |  Share:

Choosing insurance coverage for you and your family can be daunting and confusing. Policy language may sound foreign to you, and it can be difficult to decide which product ...

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4 ways sales experience can help in any career

December 5  |  Share:

Sales is not for everyone—I’ve heard this phrase repeated throughout my college career, but I disagree… Who’s to say someone studying biology can’t benefit from interning in sales? As crazy as ...

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