5 recommendations for Boomers in a post-financial crisis world

May 15, 2017  |  Share:

It’s been a decade since the financial crisis began in 2007. And while economists report a national recovery, middle-income Baby Boomers are still feeling repercussions of the recession. From the new study by the Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement, here are five recommendations for middle-income Boomers in a post-financial crisis world: 1. Watch your spending   As a ...

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Running and Senior Health

May 10  |  Share:

Make a run for it Your brain will thank you You wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear that running is good for your physical well-being. But did you know it ...

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Tips for moving senior parents

May 8  |  Share:

There’s no place like home. This old saying is how many of us feel about our homes, and it’s why we find it difficult to move out of a house ...

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Financial professionals boost Boomer confidence

May 4  |  Share:

Although economists say the U.S. has recovered from the financial crisis that began to unfold 10 years ago, middle-income Baby Boomers are still changing their investment strategies as a ...

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Long-term care insurance—we’re here when you need us most

May 1  |  Share:

There’s a great quote that says, “Like a fine wine, people get better with age.” Here at Bankers Life, we believe this to be true. But while you’re enjoying all ...

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