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Sales is not for everyone—I’ve heard this phrase repeated throughout my college career, but I disagree…

Who’s to say someone studying biology can’t benefit from interning in sales?

As crazy as it sounds, it’s true.

Going about our day-to-day lives, we’re all salespeople. We sell ourselves every day to our bosses, proving that we deserve our jobs. We sell ourselves every day in our personal relationships, proving that we’re worthy of the relationships.

Here are four lessons I learned during my sales internship at Bankers Life that will help me in life and in any career:

1. Presentation:—Everyone is a salesperson, and knowing how to present yourself is everything in a sales job. If there’s one key thing I’ve learned from my internship at Bankers Life, it’s presentation.

2. First impressions: —First impressions are vital. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, always putting your best foot forward is imperative.

3. Confidence:—A phrase used often is “fake it ‘til you make it,” and it’s true. If you can fake confidence, you’ll eventually develop true confidence. Being confident is important because it shows you’re competent and assured.

4. Perseverance: Something that is repeated to me over and over again is the law of averages. The idea is if you call 100 people, you may only speak to 10; if you speak to 10, you may only get one “yes.” The point is to keep trying, because the more you try, the more yeses you’ll receive.

These four lessons can be carried over to any career, and can also help in day-to-day life. The skills gained are transferrable to almost any field, which makes sales a field for just about everyone.

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Way to share your story, Amelia! Representing the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Amelia Alameno is a Finance major set to graduate December 2016. She was an Insurance Sales Agent Intern in the Charlotte, NC branch sales office.