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Bankers Life Employee Spotlight—Andrew Jones

The Bankers Life Employee Spotlight profiles outstanding members of our team, giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to work at Bankers Life. Today we’re sharing a testimonial from Andrew Jones of Eugene, Oregon, who has been promoted to Branch Sales Manager in just five years with Bankers Life.

“When I found Bankers Life in November of 2012, I realized my life preparation had finally met a premium opportunity. I have only been at Bankers Life for five years, which pretty much still makes me a rookie.

Bankers Life has allowed me to teach my two girls that hard work pays off and is rewarded. At Bankers Life people are promoted on merit. This has allowed me to sprint up the chain into the Branch Manager position in our Salem, Oregon office.

Today I teach, train and develop agents and managers to meet their personal goals and we reach those goals as a team. On weekends and holidays, I am with my team, on good days and bad we take care of each other. I have been to weddings and funerals supporting my team.

Bankers Life is a family for me. I encourage anyone reading this, if you think you have more potential than opportunity or want to feel the value that a team has to offer, reach out to me. This can be your reality too, but you must first take action.”

--Andrew Jones (Branch Sales Manager, Eugene, Oregon)

Working at Bankers Life—New Agent Accelerator Program

Our recently launched New Agent Accelerator Program is designed to provide new agents with our award-winning training and then financially reward their successes during their first year and beyond. Through this program, you can earn up to an additional $12,000 in your first year!

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