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5 things I learned from my internship with Bankers Life

Many internships in today’s business world are comparable to minor league baseball—but not at Bankers Life.

This summer, I had the opportunity to intern with the Bankers Life West Palm Beach team, and it was like being called up to the big leagues. I had the opportunity to learn from the most elite coaches in the industry and contribute to the team around me. Here are five important things I learned this summer that will influence my professional career:

1. You can never have enough good people—Coming from a baseball background, I was pumped when I figured out that Bankers Life is the perfect place to learn how to compete and win as a team. The importance of quality people showed when it came to making a connection with the customer. No matter how long it took, more success came from interactions that were genuine in forming relationships with people.

2. Knowledge breeds confidence—On my first appointment, I observed the man affectionately known as “Medicare Mike” run a Medicare presentation. He seamlessly worked through the customers’ needs, and the sale seemed to close itself. Because he has devoted so much time to becoming a Medicare expert, he simply cannot be overcome on the subject.

3. Stop talking, start producing—Nobody cares if you know somebody who “may possibly have a need for insurance,” or you have an appointment with someone who is “SUPER interested.” I quickly realized the way to gain respect is to finish business.

4. Amateurs wing it, professionals prepareThis is the most important thing I will take away from my experience with Bankers Life. The all-stars of the office had their days mapped out to a T. I learned about the magic of time management, and how easy it was to be caught unprepared.

5. Three for 10 still makes you a hall of famer—I was thrilled when I discovered the boss at West Palm Beach uses baseball to teach business lessons. What do you do if you want to improve your batting average? Work on the fundamentals of your swing. What do you do if you want to improve your ability to connect with people and set appointments? Work on the fundamentals of your approach. The amount of swings and misses I made this summer would surely have landed me a spot on the bench had it not been for the support of the team around me. The sluggers of the insurance industry at Team West Palm Beach provided me with the tools to learn how to strike out and still be mentally prepared for the next opportunity.

Check out the Bankers Life career page for more information about our internship opportunities!

Thanks for your feedback, Brian! Representing Florida State University, Brian Dolan is a Professional Sales major set to graduate May 2017. He was an Insurance Sales Agent Intern in the West Palm Beach, FL branch sales office.