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10 lessons about a career in sales

Our internships involve more than fetching coffee and copies. Our interns receive nationally recognized training, stipends, commission income and great bonus opportunities. Here's are ten things one of our interns learned during his time at Bankers Life this past summer.

1. Be best friends with your phone—To succeed in sales, you have to get in front of as many prospects as you can on the phone. Be prepared to be hung up on, but know that it gets easier with practice.

2. Know rejection is real—Some days you’ll hear more nos than yeses, so it’s crucial to learn how to deal with rejection. This will help you keep your head up and work to improve.

3. Don’t build barriers —Don’t let frustration and exhaustion after a long day of hearing “I’m not interested” dampen your motivation. Create personal goals that motivate you to push through the hard days.

4. Never stop learning—In sales you’ll learn a lot about yourself, other people and the product you’re selling. The amount of knowledge to be gained is endless, so don’t let your thirst for it be quenched.

5. Ask more questions—Ask clients a lot of questions to create solutions that satisfy their wants and needs. Pushing for more information can create additional opportunity for you to better serve their needs.

6. Don’t let others dampen your spirit—Many people are kind and polite. But you’ll encounter rude people too. When dealing with rude people, remember this: You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.

7. Be resilient—The best sales professionals are often described as resilient. They have an unwavering ability to bounce back successful after rejection.

8. Learn from personal experience—You’ll hear a lot of stories and advice from seasoned sales professionals. Take in all of this wisdom, but remember that personal experience is the most valuable education of all.

9. Know when to listen and when to talk—You have to listen carefully to a client—not only to hear what they say, but also to understand what they don’t say. Read between the lines and know how and when to provide feedback.

10. Don’t miss out on opportunities —Some say there’s no better time than the present. Others like to wait until the moment is just right. Don’t miss an opportunity waiting for a perfect moment that may never arise.

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Thanks for the great tips, Dylan! Hailing from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, Dylan is a Management major graduating December 2016. He was an Insurance Sales Agent Intern in the Hagerstown, MD branch sales office.